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Broker Intel

This is the ultimate recruiting tool for your firm. This is more than a report with agent production, we can help you create a short list of qualified agents. Our innovative reports narrow down your search and save you time and money. Vetting is simplified with our Profiling Dashboards and reports, and keeping track of those agents is even easier with our Hotsheet tracker. We have helped many firms grow their business and we can help you too. Call to set up your free trial today.

Broker intel report on computer
Market intel report on computer

Market Intel

We offer a wide variety of unique reports that you will not find anywhere else. Researching new markets is made easy with our Market Intel Dashboard. Customized and personalized content is created within seconds for use in your online presence or in person as a leave behind. Demonstrate that you have in depth knowledge and information about your clients area and win more listings. Our reports turn your recommendations and advice into tangible reports and graphs to share with your clients. And all of our products come with a guarantee. Try before you buy with our no obligation trial access. Give a call to set up your demo today.

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