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Who we are?

As of 2021, R E Stats Inc. has existed for 16 years with mostly the same team since the beginning.

At R E Stats Inc., we are very dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses.  We use our experience and expertise in the field to help clients make better-informed decisions. The only thing that has changed over these years is the constantly improving quality and efficiency of our statistical products. We have an excellent track record of providing online services and consulting to top real estate professionals in many different regions across Canada and the USA at the agent and broker level, franchise level, MLS level, and state association level.

R E Stats Inc. is committed...

To providing dependable information, flexible solutions and the highest standards of professionalism.

As one of the first online interactive real estate statistics providers for the North American market, our products and services have changed the way that our clients manage their business, identify opportunities and set their goals. When clients come on board with us, they stay with us.

We make statistics easy

Our vision is to make real estate statistics easy

We're a dedicated team, with our headquarters located in Toronto, Canada. Our team has come together through the passion of helping people. We work closely with our clients to truly understand the values they have and goals they wish to accomplish. We help businesses get to the next level whether it be by helping them recruit new agents or teaching them how to work with their existing agents to become the best in the business.

The values that hold us true and to account.



Our team prides ourselves on providing precise information in a timely manner.



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We value your information and adhere to a strict privacy policy.

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